Monday, 1 March 2010

Off The Page

The aim of the session would be to look at the increasing involvement the Illustrator has in the choice of subjects and messages communicated. The positive impact that can be made in public spaces with an emphasis on showing a darker, more real, side of life are both greater concerns. This is especially true of the messages communicated to children but also those to adults’ as the boundaries between the two genres are far less distinct. The important role Illustration can have in allowing people to develop their own forms of expression starting at an early age is another positive aspect. As new platforms to view and express work across cities and in alternative press increase, the messages are more personal and inclusive in society.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Love & Theft

Love and Theft: Drawing, Appropriation and the Cinematic
Wednesday May 6th, 2.30pm in the Blue Room
Anne-Marie Creamer
and Zoe Taylor discuss the role of film in their work, with an emphasis on borrowed stills and cultivating a sense of the cinematic through drawing.

Memories, Dreams and Drawings

An exhibition of work in the library by the first year drawing elective in CA&D. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Worlds Within

My Beautiful Hand Drawn Career

Working across media and yet with connected themes, Rachel Cattle's drawing-based practice is an exploration of emotion, memory and association. Drawings extend into short films and related hand-drawn comic books. She will tell the story of where and how these interlinking elements relate, covering themes of film, music, writing and the joys of DIY self publishing and promotion.

Drawing in Space and Time

Exploring the possibilities of drawing and moving image and creating movement in still images, using digital and analogue means. 

Poster image by Masashi Kawamura

Heads you Win

November 24 2008

Chance and process, control versus the random in drawing.  Artists Rod Judkins and Tanya Kaprielian