Monday, 28 April 2008

DRAW Launch

DRAW was launched on March 11th


To raise profile of drawing in CA&D
To foster student led initiatives.
Crossover between Graphic Design/ Moving Image/ Illustration/Animation students


A series of short, informal presentations of work by a mixture of guest practitioners, students and alumni around a changing subject, sometimes based on theme, other times process – or mixture of both. Three sessions a term, attended by 10-20 people.

Each session, suggested by students or staff, will have a subtitle and explore particular ideas around drawing, offering an opportunity for students to air committed drawing projects and invite guests whose work links with theirs. Related work by current students will be put on walls as a background to the conversation. The presentations could include visits and workshops, but will focus mostly on sharing work/ideas/projects. Particular themes will dictate the content of each session, rather than an ongoing format. Appropriate guests will be carefully selected. Material from the sessions will form the basis of an exhibition about the different ways drawing is used within CA&D.
Projects brought to the meetings will offer opportunities for research proposals.

Sample themes/subjects:

Drawing and Digital
Drawing and Moving image
Drawing as Thinking


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This is great info to know.